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Independence Day Celebration at eVision IT solution

Freedom in the Mind,
Faith in the words..
Pride in our Souls..
Lets salute the Nation ..
It's Independence Day!

We all have our own special talent based on which we become doctors, engineers, managers etc… But, very special are those who become the Soldiers.. And Sacrifice their whole lives in the well being of the nation. They are people, because of whom, today we have the freedom… Because of them only, we call our country a Free Country….And it’s our Duty to give the due respect to all of them being the esteemed citizens of India.

With this motive in the Heart, eVision IT solution decided to celebrate the "Independence Day" on 14th August 2018 with a Dress Code(orange, white and green) to show our Faithfulness towards the Nation. The theme for the same was named as, “PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN”.Our flag contains these three colors and the best thing to show our respect towards it would be to wear its colours & look like a real patriot. It will give a good feeling to all of us towards our nation and our flag "Tiranga".

the day start with Decoration:

To give the day much enthusiasm, We decorated the office with balloons and flags, patriotic songs were played from the morning at PlayZone Area. All people gathered around and honored the nation with the “National Anthem”, which was followed by Group Photos and Sweet Distribution.

its game time

Later on we had quiz competetion on patriotic theam we named team as- Team Tiger, Team Tiranga, Team Lotus and Team Peacock. After quiz we play some games and activities follwed by Gifts Disrtibution to winner teams.

Thus, With the Deep Sense of Gratitude in the Heart and deep respect, we all Feel proud for our nation
today and Committed ourselves to do our levels best for the Nation….Any Time….Every time….

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