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  • GJ INDIA, 382421

Web Designer

Job Description

oes this sound like you? You are a passionate, smart creative who loves designing and building web and app experiences. You are passionate about users and relentlessly strive to deliver the best experience possible. You love working with the users and run experiments on your designs to ensure you are perfecting before you go live. In reality, you know you are always evolving an MVP. You enjoy collaborating within and across your team and you take serious pride in your designs. You have HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Responsive and Mobile design and development skills. You also run a few analytics on the site/app to see how users are responding to your design.

Is that you yet? Perfect! We have just the right opportunity for you. Come join the eVision team as our Front End Developer and Creative Designer. You’ll work in a fast paced, energetic, and “passion for the user” environment. 

Experience Required: 0 - 2 years

Skills Requirement

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